TWS holds themed photography exhibition


Recently, Tongwei solar held the third "looking for positive energy" themed photography exhibition in Hefei and Chengdu.

The excellent works on this exhibition were contributed by employees from Hefei and Chengdu companies, with  a wide range of content and rich themes.

There were documentary pictures showing the working state of the employees. The spirit of hard work of the staff was presented from different angles. There were also snapshots of the plant area capturing the beautiful and pleasant working environment of the company from employees' perspective, and high level works of photography expressing personal feelings in form of silhouette and backlight. 


excellent works from employees of the two companies

As one of the company's signature corporate culture activities, the exhibition has been widely concerned by employees of Hefei and Chengdu companies since its opening in July 2016. The number of participants and quality of the works have been increasing and improving year by year. This event received more than 130 photographs. After screening, 20 outstanding pieces of works such as “behave simply;act conscientiously;learn to be grateful;Do not forget the initial inspiration”, “The Busy Construction of Phase III” and “The work for the year is best begun in spring” were exhibited.

This event provides a platform for the company's photography enthusiasts to learn to improve and display themselves. It enriches the amateur life of the front-line staff, shows the spirit of the employees' dedication, and also promotes the long-term development of corporate culture building.

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