PVS starts 2017 class of order

2018-08-28 source:tongwei   author:Wang Liang

 May,18,the opening ceremony of the 2017 Tongwei Class of Order by Leshan Vocational and Technical College  and PV School of Tongwei University was successfully concluded. Present at the ceremony were:Wang Li, Dean of New Energy Engineering Department of Leshan Vocational and Technical College, Yang Wendong, Director of Tongwei Solar Human Resources as well as 40 class participants.


at the opening ceremony

The opening ceremony began with Mr.Yang Wendong's speech. Director Yang first extended warmest welcome to the arrival of teachers and students from Leshan Vocational and Technical College. At the same time, he reviewed the company's cooperation with the College and positively acknowledged the broad prospects of school- enterprise cooperation. He pointed out that the cooperation between school and enterprise could not only achieve a win-win scenario of the three parties of schools, enterprises and students, abut also provide an important channel for enterprises to train and introduce talent.

Wang Li, director of the department of new energy engineering of Leshan Vocational and Technical College, then made a speech. She fully acknowledged the cooperation model between the company and the College. Ms. Wang expressed congratulations on the opening of the class and the deep hope for the students. She hoped that the students would learn theoretical knowledge and practical skills, and lay a solid foundation for their work at Tongwei.

Then teachers from the PV School lectured on Tongwei’s corporate culture for the students. The students listened carefully and made active interaction. The whole learning atmosphere was relaxed and harmonious. Led by teachers from the photovoltaic school, the students learned and sang "We are Tongwei people", when the ceremony ended in the melodious singing.

Since its founding, the PVS of Tongwei university has been actively exploring the model of innovative school enterprise cooperation. Through the establishment of "Tongwei solar" class of order, students set up correct professional consciousness, strengthened professional accomplishment and become talent reserve cultivated for the company.

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