PVS holds exchange learning on Human Resources

2018-08-28 source:tongwei   author:Jiang Ting

 In order to further implement the management concept of benchmarking for the whole staff , on May 17, the School of Photovoltaic invited the leading enterprise in the commercial decoration industry in China - Xinqianli Decoration Group human resources to come to Tongwei Solar Chengdu Base.The visitors carried out exchange learning with TW's human resources. Tan Hui, Director of Human Resources of XinQianli Decoration Group, Sui Hongbo, Dean of Business School, Cui Qian, Dean of Design School, and Yang Wendong, Director of Tongwei Solar Human Resources, led the HR team to participate in this exchange learning.


during the exchange learning

During the communication process, the two parties first introduced the highlights of each work module of human resources, and then conducted in-depth discussions on the focus and difficulties of current concerns in their respective companies. The guests exchanged and studied with TW in respect to talent training model, key training projects and online learning platform application. TW shared the successful experience on Qianliguan training project for management trainees , corporate“home”culture building and the lowest dimission rate in industry. After three hours of interactive communication, all participants said that they had great gains, and it was of great significance for the continuous improvement for human resources work.

Since January 2018, while promoting important training projects in the year, the PV School has also been actively carrying out training and learning within the human resources system,adhering to the principle of be self-educated before educating people. Examples are the exchange on introduction of benchmarking firms, specific study by key expatriate staff, face-to-face training programs by invited experts in the industry, and online learning courses on professional theories. The purpose is to build a more effective HR team with unremitting efforts.

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