TWS makes inspection check before flood season

2018-08-28 source:tongwei   author:Gu Ling

To ensure safe and orderly development of production and management activities during the flood season, avoid possible losses by natural disasters ,Tongwei solar Chengdu made specific flood and waterlogging prevention to avoid hidden dangers before the flood season. May 15, the flood prevention working group organized an inspection check for flood control and  environment safety .

The flood prevention working group checked the major key areas of flood control, roof drainage facilities of various buildings, basement anti flow- backwards drainage facilities, and preparation of emergency supplies. 

During the inspection, roof drainage system of workshops and equipment in the pump room were carefully checked. The operation, maintenance and management of related chemicals, special gas, equipment and facilities were checked and confirmed. The working group made corrective opinions on issues affecting environmental safety during the flood season,  and made follow up disposition.

  roof leakage inspection at building 103

During the flood season, the company attaches great importance to flood control and safety, and set up flood season leading group and working group to make corresponding arrangements. The groups worked together to strengthen the awareness of environmental safety throughout the flood season, complete various precautions preparations and emergency disposals, and earnestly implement flood control measures to deal with possible situations.

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