SCQA and Slanvert leadership visits TWS

2018-08-28 source:tongwei   author:Shi Hengjuan

May, 15, Gao Jiangming, Vice President of Sichuan Quality Association, and Chen Xia, Deputy General Manager of Slanvert Technology Co., Ltd. visited Tongwei Solar Co., Ltd.,Chengdu and received warm welcome fromYou Jiancheng, Tongwei Solar Customer Service Director during the talk.


during the talk

Vice President Gao Jiangming and delegation visited the S1 and S2 cell production workshops , and learned in details about the company's development history, development status, as well as its real-time operation of “smart factory” and “unmanned workshop. He specially inquired about advanced experience of Tongwei Solar on becoming the national five-star site.

Vice President Gao Jiangming and delegation gave high credit to the company's outstanding achievements in quality management, and highly praised the company's highly intelligent production lines, efficient on-site management level, and its perfect improvement and innovation system. He expressed the will to take TWS’ national five-star site as an exemplar and to promote its leading on-site management experience in the province.

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