TWS celebrates theWomen's Day


March 8, withthe arrival of International Women's Day, Tongwei solar Hefei and Chengdu sentsincere holiday blessings and carefully prepared holiday gifts for the"heroines" who were still working silently on their posts.

female employees ofChengdu office receiving flowers and holiday gifts.

On the day of thefestival, flowers and surprise gifts were delivered to the staff dining hallwith careful preparation by colleagues from the executive departments of thetwo offices. Colleagues from the administrative department of Hefei officeprepared movie tickets to all the female staff.At the same time, colleaguesfrom the administrative department of Chengdu office also prepared festivalgifts for the female employees. Beautiful flowers and sincere gifts in hands,theladies truely felt the blessings, care and concern from the company.

gift delivery at Chengdu office

The staff offered holiday greetings to the“goddesses”of Hefei office.

TWS has more than 1300 female colleagues invarious departments of the company. In recent years, they are always seenworking conscientiously for the company's various improvement proposals, at projectevaluation sites and various award ceremonies. They have been continuously improvingtheir self capability and realizing their own value with serious and meticulousworking attitude. At the moment, they are still doing their duties in ordinarypositions to do the extraordinary, making contributions to the development ofthe company with all their strengths.

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