Chairman Liu gets 2013 man of the year award

2013-11-19 source:Tongwei  

The award of Man of the Year for Global New Energy is given annually by the Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises Release and Global New Energy Development Summit Forum. Chairman Liu Hanyuan was selected and invited to give a keynote speech at the release ceremony. Meanwhile, Tongwei Group was given the Special Contribution Award.

The designation is regarded as an honor, based on achievements, volunteer and charity work done by admirable people in the PV sector. As the Chairman of Tongwei Group, Mr. Liu Hanyuan leads Tongwei's businesses, which are strategically well positioned to tackle the challenges that may arise during the industry downturn. Under Mr. Liu's leadership, the staff is prepared to act swiftly and firmly facing hurdles. Tongwei also has the financial muscle and the commitment to make the best decisions for the long term development of the company as well as the sector: Early as in 2010, Mr. Liu has submitted two proposals for the PV sector to the State Council and the NDRC, which effectively accelerated the State to unveil fresh PV policies. After an extensive realignment of businesses and with a strong commitment from management and staff and substantial investments in innovation and product development, the company has now emerged with its strongest platform ever –Tongwei Solar (Hefei) Co., Ltd.,, the solar cell company with the largest capacity in the world, was established.

During his speech, Mr. Liu Hanyuan gave an in-depth analysis on international polysilicon market and the role of PV companies. Successful transformation – together with potential synergies in a comprehensive value proposition combining core business and diversified development – is one of the things that convinced Tongwei to invest so much in the PV sector. At the downturn, Tongwei still believes that it will have good opportunities to continue growing and evolving. Solar energy has the highest energy conversion rate and best economic return. Mr. Liu stated, in the long run, the new energy sector is bound to thrive. For China, PV companies are not only the core force promoting the sector's development, but also the important support and driver to China's energy structural readjustment.

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